You need just a couple of words to describe an attitude, a style of playing that’s the reflection of self, without being indentified with thousands of labels: Rock and Roll.

Feeling deeply into this “state of mind”, Nick’s Airlines take off in february 2016 from their base,  classic rock’n’roll, drawing their route through many influences: rockabilly, garage, blues, country, swing, pop and punk.

Nick Mantoan, Raffaello Allemanini, and Alessio Brizio first shared the stage accidentally in 2015 and quickly learned about their natural feeling and similar backgrounds, ending in the main principle they all share: music is their life.
Nick’s Airlines founded in february 2016 and their first album “Take Off” was released later that year, with eleven original songs written, recorded and arranged by the band.
The second album is called Sky Pirates and it took shape while the band was playing tons of shows in clubs, parties, streets and festivals all over Italy and abroad.
Published June 2018, it is advertised with an official video clip of the title-track: Sky Pirates.

About us:

«Sky Pirates (2018): It’s surely so that how to most effectively pack this much vim into sleek rocket-firings is a secret known only to ardent blitz perpetrators. Those without clique IDs can only gape, dig, and stomp.

Recommended: “Sky Pirates,” “Everybody’s Singin’ the Blues,” “Surfin’ the West” (feat. Diego Naretto), “Get Away,” “It’s Okay, It’s Alright”»

[Mr. DC Larson on DC Larson’s Dance Party]


  • Our first official videoclip: Sky Pirates!



– Video footage taken from Live @ Jazz Club Torino, Rockin’ club night, 06 Nov 2016
– audio samples taken from the album “Take Off” ©2016 Nick’s Airlines


– Video footage shot at Rockabilly Evolution, Voreppe, France 11.03.2017
(thanx to Shirley Cordisco)