“Nick’s Airlines welcomes you aboard! This is your Captain speaking.
We’re going to experience severe turbulence, so buckle up and hold on, folks!
Warning: ass-kickin’ rock-n-roll is know to induce non-stop energy, euphoria, and fun. Enjoy your flight!”

Nick’s Airlines mission: to fly you to the island of the savage rock and roll, with its rockabilly roots and all the colors of the blues, country, punk and garage music.
With his rockin’ guitar, Nick Mantoan is the chief pilot of our aircraft flying with his trusted crew: co-pilot Alessio Brizio on upright bass and mechanic Raffaello Allemanini on drums. Original tunes and some reinterpretations of the great classics help us take off to new heights!
These boys rock the house, but keep an eye on the horizon, following the lead of Johnny Cash, The Stray Cats, Eddie Cochran, Rev. Horton Heat, and the other rock-n-roll masters.


About us:

«Sky Pirates (2018): It’s surely so that how to most effectively pack this much vim into sleek rocket-firings is a secret known only to ardent blitz perpetrators. Those without clique IDs can only gape, dig, and stomp.

Recommended: “Sky Pirates,” “Everybody’s Singin’ the Blues,” “Surfin’ the West” (feat. Diego Naretto), “Get Away,” “It’s Okay, It’s Alright”»

[Mr. DC Larson on DC Larson’s Dance Party]


  • Our first official videoclip: Sky Pirates!





– Video footage taken from Live @ Jazz Club Torino, Rockin’ club night, 06 Nov 2016
– audio samples taken from the album “Take Off” ©2016 Nick’s Airlines


– Video footage shot at Rockabilly Evolution, Voreppe, France 11.03.2017
(thanx to Shirley Cordisco)